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Uganda is an east African country boarded with Sudan in the north, Kenya in the east, Tanzania in the south, Rwanda in the southwest and Democratic republic of Congo in the west. It lies astride the equator, and its temperatures vary between23o- 29o centigrade. It has 2 rainy seasons, October-November and March-May.

Uganda has cool and warm weather conditions. One therefore needs light clothes, sturdy or simple shoes, sweatshirt for the evenings especially upcountry, jerseys, hats and sun cream.
The rains are not so heavy to prevent touring/ traveling but necessitate one to have a rain coat or an umbrella or both.

It is mandatory to vaccinate against yellow fever prior to travel. It is also advisable to carry anti malaria’s along with you especially in the rainy seasons. Medicine and other health products can be bought from several pharmacies in the city and major towns.

A Visa is obligatory to non- residents. It is usually acquired from Ugandan Embassies / consulates in you countries of origin or at Entebbe International Airport upon your arrival at USD 30 only.

Entebbe International Airport is the major one in Uganda. A few major towns and national parks have air strips or landing sites.

Uganda uses the Uganda Shilling [UGX]. The US Dollar is also widely used. There are several Forex Bureaus and banks at the Airport and major cities to ease foreign exchange. Credit cards are only restricted to selected hotels and restaurants.

It is better to carry cash when moving up country.


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